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Rocky Gas

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 Welcome to the website for Rocky Gas Co-op Ltd.

We would like to announce to our customers recently affected by the outage, that pipeline supply has now been restored.


TransCanada have informed us, that the affected pipelines are currently running at a reduced pressure.  This is a safety protocol enforced by the National Energy Board until additional maintenance can be carried out at a later date.


We will keep you informed of developments as soon as possible.


Once again, we appreciate your patience and understanding, and thank you for working with us throughout this incident.


We would also like to thank the team at Gas Alberta for their co-operation and assistance that minimised the duration and severity of the outage.


A big thank you to our neighboring gas co-ops, Foothills, GLDC, and Diamond Valley, for assisting with logistics and field support.































"Natural Gas for Co-op members and customers"